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Who covers moving damages?

Who covers moving damages?

Who covers moving damages?

According to U.S. Census, Americans are moving less frequently nowadays than 50 years ago. The annual Geographical Mobility study shows that the percentage of Americans moving over a one-year period was 10.1 percent in 2017, an all-time low. However, this still leaves about 3.2 million people who will worry about the safety of their belongings when transitioning between homes.

If you already have a renters insurance, then you probably know that moving to a new apartment doesnCouple moving into a new home’t mean you need to get a new renters insurance policy, unless you’re moving out of state, where different regulations might apply. However, since accidents can happen while you’re packing and unpacking, many are curious was to whether their renters insurance covers damage from moving as well.

The cause of damage is the very first thing that determines whether you qualify for coverage. As stated in your policy, among the covered perils are fire, theft, vandalism, hail, glass breakage and a few others. Damage of personal belongings while moving, however, would fall under your moving company’s insurance, so make sure that the firm that helps you has the proper proof of coverage documentation.

Packing tips for a safe move

Here are some simple packing tips to keep your things safe and secure:

  • Having fewer items to move means reducing the chances of losing or breaking something along the way. Before you move, since you’re sorting your things, give away items you don’t need or haven’t been using.
  • When buying your packing supplies, buy quality materials that provide better protection for your home goods.
  • Reinforce the bottom of every box with tape and add an extra cushion made up of crushed newspaper or packing paper.
  • As you prepare boxes, designate a special area in your home, preferably a spare room, to store packed items and avoid possible breakage.
  • Keep valuables or sentimental things separate and close to you in the moving day: important documents, laptops and any other expensive devices.
  • Avoid cramming up too many items in the same box and put heavy items in small boxes to keep the weight down.
  • Hire professionals for transporting special or bulky items such as pianos and valuable art.