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True stories: Why real life guys bought renter’s insurance

True stories: Why real life guys bought renter’s insurance

Four male renters share their stories on the events that lead to policies.

If you’ve lived a pristine life, it’s easy to think that renters insurance simply isn’t worth the cost. It only takes one event to remind you that anything can happen at any time. It’s best to be prepared. Follow three 20-something male renters on their journey toward discovery.

“I swear, I couldn’t make this up if I tried: so we were walking back to my house after a night out. It was maybe 2am. My friend Ben was trying to recoup, chugging some water, and he was just goofing around with one of our friends when he spilled water onto this car in the parking lot. Out of nowhere, this guy started chasing us, yelling about messing up his car. Ben shouted that it was just water but when the guy and his crew starting coming after us we just started running like, we didn’t want to stick around and see if the guy would accept an apology. We jumped a few fences and just when we’re getting to my backyard, to my fence, Ben face-plants.  Eats dirt. I went back for him and saw he tore up his leg. On my property, right, and not a step before. He started yelling about how he was going to sue me. We took him to the hospital and he got five stiches. Not too bad. I still thought he was still going to sue me but he didn’t. It made me wonder, though, What would I have done if he had sued me? I didn’t have renters insurance then but I got it after that.” Greg H.

“I guess the core of the turkey was still frozen when I put it in the fryer. [The fryer] exploded on the counter. Oil spread and set fire to some stuff that was already the stove cooking. We’ve got a gas range. In seconds flames were reaching the cabinets and our mat near the sink, the gel one, was lit up. Everybody got out okay but about 30 percent of the kitchen burned. Not even a week before, we were deciding if we should renew our insurance policy. Needless to say, we did after that.” Phill D.

“We debated between P90X and Insanity workout and decided we’d do Insanity because of Shaun T. He’s more entertaining than the other guy. We were following the program for about three weeks. My roommate’s girlfriend came over and did a video with us one day. My roommate decided to show off. He strapped on these ankle weights. About twenty minutes into power and resistance, one of the weights flung off and hit his girlfriend! It took the wind out of her and bruised her collar area. A few centimeters higher and it could’ve been serious. She didn’t take anybody to court but she could have and we would’ve been up the creek.” Immanuel H.

“My friend was asking if he should get more serious about this girl and I said, ‘She’s wife material, man. When you see a girl like that you’d better jump on it.’ My girlfriend got upset and left. I thought that was that. She came back later and spray painted some choice words on our place, something about seven years wasted. Not cool. We had to repaint the front of the house and it cost about two grand. We could’ve gotten insurance for about a fourth of that price, for the whole year, but we didn’t so we paid out of pocket.” Interviewer: Are you and your girlfriend still together? “Yeah we’re back together but we got renters insurance now!”