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Tips for a green apartment renovation

Tips for a green apartment renovation

April is here and those of us interested in ways to live more sustainably have at least two reasons to be glad: it’s officially spring and it’s Earth Month. This year, a big part of the world continues to be under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that outdoor activities may remain limited this month. So if you were looking forward to planting those trees somewhere far from your home, this may have to wait.

The good thing, however, is that there are plenty of “green” things that you can do in your apartment. They will not only provide you with a healthy and sustainable environment, but also protect you from a number of damages that your renter’s insurance categorizes under “personal property” liability.

Have a look at the following list and think if you can cover some during Earth Month.

  • LED lighting: if you haven’t already done so, change regular lighting with energy-saving ones
  • Programmable thermostat: even if cold weather is behind us, it’s never too early to gain control over heat and energy usage.
  • Low-flow bathroom appliances: they will prevent overflowing from every item connected to a water source.
  • Insulated windows: this task will be of help during periods of extreme temperatures, either cold or hot, and may also prevent water damage during storms. Among the items you need in order to complete the task are window film insulation, caulking, draft stopper, weatherstripping and spray foam. Curtains can also prevent cold air and hot sun rays from getting inside.
  • Low- or zero-VOC paint: using low-VOC paints (or even natural paints, such as milk or chalk paint) usually implies you’ll have to apply new coats more often. On the other hand, interior wall painting is considered very therapeutic in itself not to mention the nice feeling of having a clean house.    
  • Green furniture items: opt for products made of natural materials such as wood, cork and bamboo, recycled materials and organic textiles.
  • Green plants/wall: if you’d like to go for something extreme, try to create a living wall made of several plans and flowers.
  • Urban garden: the latest trend in apartment sustainability is creating a small garden if you have access to a patio, terrace or balcony. Most people opt to grow parsley, chives, mint, oregano or basil, while others go for tomatoes.
  • Recycling: whether it’s old clothes, electronics or simply plastic or paper, we could give recycling more attention and space in our apartments.