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Things to consider when looking for your next apartment

Things to consider when looking for your next apartment

Most people look mostly at the big picture when searching for an apartment, especially first-time renters. Things like cost, safe surroundings, accessibility to transportation, and getting the best for that amount of money, are the highest up on the priority list. However, there are little things that mean a whole lot more than we’d imagine, which reveal their importance only when we notice we lack them.

1.   Storage space

People have more stuff than they think they do, me and you included. If you don’t believe me, check your closets or count your boxes next time you move. You will be surprised. Otherwise think a bit about this not-so-very-new anymore business with self-storage spaces, it has a valid reason behind it that makes it successful. More storage space is critical when searching for an apartment.

2.   Washer & Dryer

Think this is a luxury, when in fact, it is a necessity. Not to mention comfortable to do laundry whenever and without the grossing feeling that you’re washing your clothes where many other have, without really knowing how clean the laundromat is. Or that you spend a certain amount of money every time and the units don’t always work the first time.


3.   Less carpet

Carpet is very difficult to live with, especially if you have a dog, or allergies, or both. Furthermore, at the end of your lease you might discover that the people you hired to clean the carpet didn’t rise to the expectations of the landlord and you’ll be charged again for the job. Not really worth it.

4.   Outdoor space

A porch, a balcony, a terrace, a garden – anything out in the open is fantastic. A place to grow some plants, taste a relaxing tea, read a good book, enjoy the sun in the comfort of your own home.

5.   Hosting events

It’s all fun and games now to go out and socialize, but at some point you start appreciating more small personal gatherings. If, due to the size and shape of the living room, your apartment lacks the ability to host events like Thanksgiving or cocktail evenings, you will start feeling jealous of your friends’ space and will even feel the need to move into a new space that has this amenity.

6.   Receiving packages

If you’re into online shopping and live in an apartment that doesn’t have a doorman, you know what I mean. It’s much more complicated to receive packages from other than the United States Post Office and it has nothing to do with the other mailing services but with the fact that you’re not always there to pick them up.

7.   Renter’s insurance

This goes for any apartment you lease, be it the first, the second, or your last (because you’re hopefully moving into the ownership status). Renter’s insurance is the key to a peaceful life when living in a rental, protecting your belongings from different perils and your visitors from suing you in case of injury on your perimeter. Worth every cent.