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The first renter’s essential checklist

The first renter’s essential checklist

So you’re about to move in to your first apartment. While you’re already pretty independent if you’ve decided to move into your own place, there’s a myriad of small, but essential things that you won’t think of, but which will you must certainly need, like renters insurance. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got your back. Here’s the essential checklist for your first apartment:

Bathroom essentials

–          Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash – although you’ve most likely already packed them in, it’s easy to overlook small items like this. Setting up your toothbrush and toothpaste is also the first step in claiming your new bathroom.

–          Toilet paper – be sure to get a generous stack of this baby. TP has the magical property of running out way faster, than you expect it.

–          Hand soap. If you prefer soap bars for your personal use, make sure you still have the liquid stuff around for guests.

–          Towels. Pack several sets for your personal use, and several guest towels as well.

–          Bathroom deodorizer, toilet deodorizer and toilet brush – definitely not glamorous items,  but definitely necessary

–          Bathroom trashcan. Unless you want to find your brand new apartment unlivable due to a clogged toilet.

–          If your shower doesn’t have a sliding glass door, buy a shower curtain. While not as necessary as some of the previous items, it will not only make your bathroom look more grown-up, it will save you time, you’d otherwise spend, mopping up water that your sprayed all over the place

–          Laundry basket/bin. Because not only is it gross and unhealthy to keep your dirty clothes in a pile or a plastic bag, it’s also ugly.

–          Cleaning products and utensils: mop, bucket, bleach, window cleaner, wood polish, floor cleaner, etc. depending on the materials and surfaces in your apartment, make sure you have the appropriate cleansing products for each from your first night on.

Kitchen essentials:

–          Trash can + trash bags, since most likely you’ll be ordering in your first night.

–          Coffeemaker (+coffee and filters), because nothing will compare to waking up after your first night in your own place and brewing a fresh cup, that no one, absolutely no one, will snag.

–          Dish soap and sponge, because dirty dishes don’t do themselves (unfortunately).

–          Plates and utensils, since even take-out tastes better if you eat it off proper plates. It also minimizes waste, since you won’t be going through mountains of plastic forks and knives.

–          Pots, pans, cutting board, knives – while take-out is fun, it also burns through your income a lot faster than home cooking. Learn to properly prepare at least a few meals

–                     Microwave – while you can technically survive without one, a microwave does make life a lot easier.

–                     Glasses: while you can technically drink juice from coffee mugs and wine from beer jugs, everything just tastes (and looks) a bit better if you drink it from proper glassware.

Bedroom essentials:

–          Alarm clock: while most of us use our phones as an alarm clock, it’s good to have a backup, since your folks can’t wake you up if your battery dies during the night or your phone doesn’t go off in the morning due to some bug.

–          Shades: if your apartment comes without window treatments, get them ASAP, especially shades. You probably don’t want to give your neighbors a free show.

–          Bedding: buy at least two sets of sheets and pillowcases for starters, several blankets and a quality comforter. Try to go with 100 % cotton. Not only is it more comfortable, but it’s also healthier and better for your hair.

–          Mattress and ergonomic pillows – a good mattress, while a significant initial investment is quite priceless. It saves you sleepless nights and back aches and you really can’t put a price on that. Also, buy a bed frame as soon as you can

–          Lamp(s) – you will need a reading lamp for your bedroom. Makes navigating your new floor plan way easier when you wake during the night. And of course it also makes for comfy reading.