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The essential moving checklist

The essential moving checklist

Isn’t moving the worst? While you’re moving for a new job opportunity, school, because you need a change in landscape, or simply switching to a newer, more upscale apartment community, moving will still take up a huge chunk of your time and raise your stress levels.  We’ve put together an essential moving check-list to make things as hassle-free as possible.


Two months ahead:

–          Research moving companies and cross reference them with the Better Business Bureau. Reach out to at least three different companies to get a moving quote. If possible have them do an onsite assessment.

–          Check out your rights and responsibilities during a move at https://www.protectyourmove.gov/

–          Start researching doctors, lawyers, banks, schools.

–          Compile a comprehensive list of all the business and services you need to contact with your new address.

Six weeks ahead:

–          Start the packing process by sorting through your belongings. Put aside any items you might be able to sell or donate. You can also get a jump start on packing, by boxing up out-of season clothing, and items and gadget that are seldom used.

–          If you have children, start working with their current and future schools to transfer records. Transfer medical and veterinarian records.

Five weeks ahead

–          Eliminate bulk shopping and significantly cut down on groceries. Use up all foodstuffs in your pantry.

–          Buy moving supplies such as boxes and tapes and come up with a clear labeling system (numeral, color coded, by room, etc.)

–          Set the exact moving date and arrange for personal time off from work

One month ahead

–          Fill out your official change of address form with U.S. Post Office

–          Reach out to all businesses and service providers to change addresses. This includes health insurance, car insurance, lawyers, magazine subscriptions, library, gym, voting address etc.

–          Make the necessary changes to your renters insurance policy.

–          Notify utilities of your move both at your current address as well as your future home. This can include: telephone, cell phone, electric, internet, gas, water, trash collection.

–          Set up a room by a room packing and stick to it

Three weeks ahead

–          Make thorough inventory of high-ticket items. Arrange for special transportation for valuables such jewelry, personal documents, art

–          Make photographic or video inventory of the state of your belongings, noting any imperfections

Two weeks ahead

–          If you’re moving large appliances, clean, empty and prep them

–          Fill any prescription you might need

–          Confirm the moving date and hour with your moving company. Confirm parking and take out any special permits you might need.

–          Arrange for a neighbor to pick up and forward any mail that may arrive at your old address

–          Stop grocery shopping and use up all foodstuff in the home

One week ahead

–          Print two copies of your bill of lading

–          Have all family members pack a suitcase containing at least two weeks’ worth of clothing and toiletries and finish packing up all other items

–          Empty and defrost fridge at least 24 hours prior to moving

–          Dispose of all perishables, flammables and any items you won’t be moving.

–          Hire a cleaning company to get your new home into a shape by the time you arrive and one to clean out your old home after you’ve left

–          Go through every room and closet before leaving, to make sure nothing stays behind