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Stay protected against summer hazards with renters insurance

Stay protected against summer hazards with renters insurance

With summer in full swing, you may be thinking about your next vacation rather than the necessity of renters insurance. Summer, however, is the perfect time to invest in coverage. Enjoy visitors, travel and summer weather with the financial safety net that renters insurance provides.

DIY Gone Awry Renters love to save cash. If you plan on cutting labor costs by having your friends help install your new retractable awning, you can save more than enough to buy them a hero’s dinner. That is, unless the ladder isn’t as stable as it first looked and you’re uninsured. With renters insurance, you’ll be glad that you can cover guest medical payments up to $500 per person and $10,000 per accident. That’s what friends are for.

Fire Damage For all of our novel inventions and discoveries since antiquity, we humans have yet to master fire. The risk of fire damage to your rental can come from every direction during the summer: a barbecue gone wrong, an out of control fire pit, romantic candlelight blown into the draperies by the open window. Some residents must also be mindful of forest fires or their neighbors’ fire mishaps. Fires aren’t just a winter concern. They can also pose a hazard during the warm days of summer. With renters insurance, your property and guests are protected against fire damage.


Pool Injuries Pool parties are an excellent way to pass the dog-days of the season. Nothing refreshes the body like a pool of sparkling blue water. With renters insurance liability coverage, you’ve got protection against slips, falls, and that one kid who insists on running 30 miles an hour around the pool and who will inevitably trip. Renters insurance provides up to $100,000 of coverage against common personal liability claims.

Doggie Play Date Bites Sun-drenched days make Fido’s daily jogs around the neighborhood seem like cruel and unusual punishment for pet owners. It’s much easier (and probably more fun for him, too) to give him exercise by arranging a play date with another dog owner. If the getting-to-know-you phase doesn’t turn out as planned, a dog bite may occur. Renters insurance’s liability provision covers dog bite injuries up to a maximum limit of $25,000.

Vacation Vandals You come back from your much-needed summer vacation to discover that your former students paid you a visit. You can tell by the dried egg yolks, soggy toilet paper, and gallons of shaving cream that now decorate your rental. The broken window was probably caused by that chemistry book laying on your dining room floor. And where is your P90X collection? Fortunately, renters insurance protects up to your selected policy limits against vandalism and theft.

Receive excellent coverage against summer hazards with nominal monthly payments. Speak with an insurance specialist today to begin your journey towards a safer, more secure rental experience.