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Spring Break Safety

Spring Break Safety

Whether you are relaxing at home this spring break or planning to travel, your friends at Resident Shield have a few tips that will usher you and your property effortlessly into summer.

Spring Break safety

Home security

Neighborly Love- If you will be leaving your rental for vacation, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out on your place. Leave a contact number where you can be reached in case of an emergency as well as contact information for a trusted friend or family member who can act on your behalf until you get back in town.

Empty Nest- It shouldn’t be evident to passing strangers that you are not home. Make your home look lived-in while away. It could be wise to temporarily stop mail delivery but continue your regularly scheduled lawn care.

Open Windows- Welcoming in the warm weather is an excellent way to let your home get fresh air. Leaving your windows open, however, can be an invitation for intruders, especially if you are on the ground floor. Before leaving home, be sure that your accessible windows are closed and locked

Electronic Lockdown-Before you leave for vacation, do a walkthrough of your home. Make sure that all electronics are off (even better, unplugged). This can decrease your risk for electrical surges and fires.

Water Safety

Alcohol and Water Don’t Mix- Party responsibly. According to DrugFree.org, “half of all water recreation-related deaths of teens and adults involve alcohol.” If you will enjoy your spring break at the pool, lake, beach or river, strongly consider the way in which alcohol impairs your judgment. Limit your alcohol consumption and defer to the guidance of more sober companions.

Splash and Swim- Throwing a pool party or a gathering with friends at the beach? Electronics are an easy and portable way to add entertainment such as music and videos.  While you’re at the pool, be sure to keep electronics a safe distance away from the water and beverages, and avoid operating them while you’re wet. Store your devices in a cool, shaded place to prevent overheating and damages.