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Smart home technology for a safe holiday season

Smart home technology for a safe holiday season

Smart home technology for a safe holiday season

No matter if you’re staying at home or planning a get-away for the holidays, a home break-in is most probably the last thing you want this winter season. Statistics reveal that December is the month when the most insurance claims are being filed, so especially if you’ve been shopping for new (expensive) presents to arrange them under the tree or to offer them, having some type of home security will help you enjoy peace of mind.shutterstock_142464652

Before deciding whether you should invest in some high- or low-tech solutions check whether your apartment features the following:

  • Deadbolts or other types of reinforcement on your front door
  • Extra locking mechanisms for your patio’s sliding doors (if you have one)
  • Sash locks to your windows
  • Any wireless motion sensors at main entrances

High-tech systems for monitoring your apartment may come with hefty price tags, but there are a number of more affordable, yet smart technologies that still do a good job protecting your home:

  • Smart locks: many apartment buildings already feature them, but in case yours doesn’t, ask your landlord whether you can swap your lock with a smart one.
  • Security camera: a Wi-Fi connected camera can be quite budget friendly but you can always turn your old phone into a DIY security camera when paired with a monitoring app.
  • Doorstep wedge alarm: this devices will trigger a 125 DB alarm when touched. It requires no installation and can actually be placed under hotel doors as well, so you can take it with you on your vacation.
  • Memory switch: this gadget collects information about your daily habits, such as turning lights on and off, and will give the impression you’re at home when you’re not there.
  • Window sensors: most of them can be installed very easy and allow you to select among several sound-related functions.

Don’t forget! For your (next) rental, always opt for a community located in a neighborhood that’s considered really safe. Research the crime statistics for the nearby area, choose a gated community or at least one that has access control, and try to visit the surroundings by both day and night to check parking lot, walkways and entrances to the building.