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Simmering summer apartment design

Simmering summer apartment design

The days start early and end late; the birds chirp from dawn until after dusk. The heavy boots, the gloves, the comforters, and all those warm clothes are stored away, not at all missed. It’s summer outside; the perfect time to bring it indoors as well.

Mirrors. Mirrors are the perfect way to capture the sunshine rays that enter your apartment, especially when placed opposite of windows. Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, not only will they sparkle in natural light, but will also be given the illusion of grandeur. (Just make sure you place the mirror wisely so that it reflects something you actually want to see!)

Flowers. Make it a habit to bring home fresh flowers at least once a month. Place your vases on the dining table, on the nightstand, and on the kitchen counter – those beautiful colors and that fabulous perfume will add to your happiness. If you dislike the idea of fresh flowers, bring in a small flowering plant in a pretty pot.

Scents of summer. Transform your bathroom into a tropical heaven by adding coconut and sea-mist scented bath gels, lotions, and soaps. Candles and essential oils are other scent-sational ways to refresh the happiness factor of your apartment.

Lean on lighter linens. Those lazy afternoon naps are brought in by the easy breeze. To enjoy them the most, change your bed linens to light fabrics with floral or sea-themed patterns. Go even further and swap the heavy winter drapes with the gauzy summer curtains. Bright colors work best.

A paint alternative. Most probably your landlord doesn’t allow you to repaint the walls, so why not turn to something that you own, like furniture. Refinish an entire piece or just add a few accent touches and it will feel as a new addition to your living environment. Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration.