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Self storage for smart renters

Self storage for smart renters

Self storage for smart renters

Renting a place to live often means you don’t have enough space for everything you own. Putting surplus belongings into self-storage is always an option. You may be able to use your renters insurance to cover your possessions there. You can enjoy the advantages of self-storage and have peace of mind as well.storage image

The self-storage industry these days offers a lot more than a place to stash unused cars or bikes, boxes of books, bags of clothes and summer or winter recreation gear. There are now many more types of storage and more providers to choose from. And compared to renting a larger apartment, storage is an affordable option. By using an existing renters insurance policy and making use of the services available, you can keep the costs down.

Make the Most of Your Insurance

The coverage limit of your renters insurance might well be a fraction of what it is for items kept at your home, but doesn’t have to be a problem. Make sure your possession valuation estimates are accurate and only store things up to the limit on your policy. If you need to keep very valuable items at a storage unit, choose a facility with very good security. These days many have sophisticated electronic access mechanisms, surveillance cameras and motion detectors.

Your renters insurance policy might not cover some potential problems at the storage facility such as damage by pest infestations and floods. This danger can be reduced by choosing a facility that has interior units. Make sure the facility you choose does routine checks on its units to ensure security.

Take Advantage of Special Services

Clothing, books and other vulnerable items do not stand up well to prolonged storage, so for these you may be well advised to rent a unit with climate control. Knowing that prized possessions are being kept in an optimal environment means you can rest assured knowing they are ready for you to use again whenever you need them.

People often like their storage unit to be quite near to where they live, but this may be an unnecessary limitation. If you don’t intend visiting your unit very often, you might consider facilities that are further away and better value. But an even more attractive idea is to use ‘valet’ self-storage whereby the operator provides pick-up and delivery services.

Save Some Money

Anyone renting can get good value from also leasing a storage unit. If needed, take out special insurance to cover the items stored, either from the storage provider or a third-party supplier. However, it is possible to get by on your renters insurance if you are able to follow some simple guidelines, saving money and time.