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Safety Tips for Hosting Guests of All Ages

Safety Tips for Hosting Guests of All Ages

Your home functions well as the residence of a young adult but how does it stand up to guests on either end of the age spectrum. Safely entertaining youth and the elderly may require a few minor adjustments to your rental.

Youth These more inquisitive, clumsy, and energetic versions of mankind require increased precaution. Minimize risks by staying one step ahead of the game.

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  • Insert protective guards into electrical sockets, drawers, and cabinetry to keep kids out of danger.
  • Depending on the age of your guests, it may also be appropriate to secure sharp objects such as chimney pokers and decorative weaponry (your swords from the Renaissance Festival, for example).
  • When entertaining youth, lock away alcoholic products that you may normal have out on display in your home bar. Put away ice picks or any object that may look like a toy. (If you were a kid, wouldn’t a basic wine opener seem like it was from outer space?)
  • Secure and conceal all personal weapons, particularly firearms.  The location should be a secret; if any child in the home knows the hiding place and the key/access code, it’s not really secure.
  • Pools are tempting for kids and teens. To prevent unsupervised use, take the time to secure your pool cover when you’re away. Seem cruel? Let youth know when the pool will be “open” to give them something to look forward to.

Elderly You love it when grandmother comes to visit (three cheers from grandma’s apple pies) but her mobility isn’t what it used to be. Update your rental to meet her needs with these easy fixes.

Trainer Assisting Senior Woman With Her Walker

  • Clear walkways of any impediments such as thick rugs or cords that most guests could easy step over.
  • Also correct any hazards such as cracked tiles or raised nail heads on floor boards.
  • Guests with compromised vision function best when light sources are steady and glare free. In the areas frequented most by your guest (perhaps the guest room and corresponding bathroom) avoid pools of light and shadow, as these contrasts can make it more difficult for the eye to focus.
  • Exposed bulbs can result in uncomfortable glare; opt for lighting with shades. When possible, place lighting in these areas on a dimmer than can be adjusted to comfortable levels for your guest.
  • You may not be able to customize your rental to meet accessibility codes but a few touches go a long way. Place a raised toilet seat with handles in the restroom. Consider installing a simple support bar in the shower.
  • If she has trouble transitioning from seated to standing, try adding extra cushions to an armchair. The cushioning will feel great but it will also elevate her to make the transition easier while the armrests provide support.