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Renter tips for navigating today’s apartment market

Renter tips for navigating today’s apartment market

The apartment market has become rather tight these days, with increasing rental rates and low vacancies, all the more reason to think things through when looking for a new place to call home.

First thing you need to consider is what you’re willing to pay in order to live comfortably. Keeping your monthly rent down to 30 percent of your income is probably a smart idea since there are several other expenses, such as utility bills, cable or internet that you’ll need to deduct from your household budget on a monthly basis.

Then, make sure you know your options well before you start viewing. Luckily enough, we’re living in a highly digitalized world where everything we need is one click away. Most listing sites give away important information about the apartment, price, location, neighborhood description, photos, amenities and community policies.

When skimming through the ads, look for specific information that might impact your day-to-day existence: proximity to shopping and transportation, storage options, availability of laundry services, on-site gym, swimming pool, or any other features you couldn’t do without.

If you’re still pondering over whether or not you should purchase renter’s insurance, know that it’s one of the most commonsense expenses associated with rental living.  Not only will it help you stay protected should disaster strike, renters insurance can also help you get a better apartment in an area that you desire. While renter’s insurance is not a mandatory requirement for renting an apartment, landlords will take notice of your seriousness and responsible character, hence the probability of your winning the race against fellow competitors.

Additionally, for as little as 43 cents per day, renters insurance from ResidentShield can help protect you and your family against insured risks such as fire, injury or robbery.