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Renters’ insurance statistics: Why ignore the facts?

Renters’ insurance statistics: Why ignore the facts?

Here’s a confusing question: If you could prevent yourself from the financial hardship that would be entailed in replacing all of your belongings after a fire or other unexpected catastrophe, would you do it?

couple renting apartment

Survey results show that more than half of renters don’t carry renters insurance, prompting a reaction of “What gives?” from those of us in the know about this valuable and beneficial service. Especially when you consider that the same results show that apartment renters estimate it would take them three years to replace the possessions contained in their apartment if by some happenstance they were destroyed today.

So maybe we’d all rather pay Tuesday for a hamburger today. But the easiest way to prevent the scenario described above is to invest in a little peace of mind.

For between $20 to $30 a month – the cost of just one nice lunch out, if you think about it – you can have all your apartment’s possessions covered by Resident Shield renters’ insurance. Signing up is easy and your possessions will be valued based on what you own.

While you are calculating your cost for insurance, it’s a smart time to make an inventory list of your possessions that you should store in a secure location in case anything ever happens. This will help your insurer know what you own.

Apparently only 33 percent of renters have such an inventory, even though we own valuable objects like jewelry, art, electronics, collectibles, and more.

You insure your car and your health, so why not the other things that are important to you?