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Reduce your heating costs this winter

Reduce your heating costs this winter

Reduce your heating costs this winter

It’s true that gifts, candles and snow make a winter season perfect, but what about a lower heating bill while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your apartment? With space heating being one of the largest energy expense for the average U.S. household, a few tips on how to keep away from chilly drafts and reduce heat consumption during winter season may help you save hundreds of dollars annually.  shutterstock_142464652

If you can afford it, have someone do an energy audit at your home and recommend solutions. While this can be a bit costly, it will definitely point out all the energy leaks, moisture problems and ventilation issues. Insulation is another thing worth investing in if you’re renting a freestanding home.

However, if you’re not prepared for more significant spending, here is a list of tinier, low-cost projects, which can help you lock in more warmth in your house:

Check windows and doors for air leaks

Even if you cannot afford to buy energy-efficient doors and windows, add some caulk, spray foam or weather stripping in the leaks/holes you may discover in walls, ceiling, floors, windows, doors and fireplaces.

Buy a thick(er) rug

Hardwood floors and tiles are nice to have during the summer but during winter they may need a lot of heat to warm up. Using thicker floor coverings will provide a cozy experience to your feet, especially if you like to walk barefoot, without turning up the heat.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

It’s always nice to come home and don’t have to wait a lot for the interior to warm up. Some programmable thermostats allows you to control the temperature in your apartment from your phone when you are away. What’s more, according to the Department of Energy, reducing temperature by 10 to 15 percent for 8 consecutive hours a day may lower your energy bill by 10% annually.

Make the most of your ceiling fan

Reverse ceiling fan blades to a clockwise direction for a better circulation of warm air in the room.

Invest in curtains

Curtains are considered to be one of the best treatments for older windows. Keeping drapes drawn reduces heat lost and saves you more on your heating bill.

As a rule of thumb, if you can afford to pick your apartment, go for the newer, energy-efficient buildings which come with a few smart features that can help you control heat.