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Own a pet? Renters insurance is your true companion

Own a pet? Renters insurance is your true companion

Own a pet? Renters insurance is your true companion

If dogs are a man’s best friend then renters insurance is the tie that binds.

Pets. We can spend hours watching YouTube videos of our furry, winged, and scaled companions doing some pretty amazing things. In addition to the love that they provide, many of us would admit that we like having pets around because they’re so lively and entertaining. Their curiosity and energy create some of the highlights of our days.

man holding his dog

Pets are also a major responsibility. Their maintenance and wellbeing are just part of the equation. Caring for your pets (and your guests in the presence of your pets) entails having reliable coverage with renters insurance. Resident Shield policies prepare you for the unexpected.

Under personal liability protection, policy holders receive a maximum of $100,000 of coverage in cases of personal liability claims. When your guest trips over the dog bowl and lands face first on the floor, we have  you covered. The provision also allows up to $25,000 in retribution for dog bites, which could help you and your roommates survive the early years of puppy training and house breaking.  If your guests are injured in any way while in your rental, Resident Shield furnishes up to $10,000 per incident and $500 per person in coverage.

Ideally, you won’t need any of that, right? A few helpful pointers can prevent accidents in your rental.

  • Never underestimate dog training. Dogs that can remain focused and poised under pressure are less likely to react adversely to guests and hectic situations in the home.
  • Have you pet spayed or neutered. Male pets are often more aggressive when they are ready to mate. Females tend to be more skittish, which may make them unpredictable.
  • Create a safe place for pet. When the house is crowded with guests, it’s a good idea to have a safe place for your pet such as a designated room. High-stress situations may cause your pet to act erratically, reacting instinctively when afraid or confused. That could be dangerous to your pet and guests.
  • Advise potential guests and roommates that you have a pet. A simple warning could prevent the onset of allergic reactions and respiratory problems.
  • Add additional security features to cages, aquariums, and other holding containers when guests are present, particularly if your pet has a tendency to escape.