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Kick off spring with these home improvement tips

Kick off spring with these home improvement tips

The much-awaited season of warm temperatures, flowery scents and new beginnings is finally here. Let nature’s coming back to life inspire you and give your abode a revitalizing makeover.

We’ve collected a few ideas to help you bring spring into your rental home while also being a good steward of the environment. Because there’s nothing more refreshing than going green this spring, good for Mother Nature, your pocket and your spirit, too.

Spring cleaning. Probably not the favorite part of a spring revamp project, and surely not as fun as St. Patrick’s or April’s Fool’s Day activities, but still rewarding. Giving your home a thorough clean-up will make re-decorating a whole lot easier. Start with de-cluttering your apartment, get rid of all unwanted stuff that might burden the interior, and surprise your family with a neat and airy living space.

Image via Will Taylor: http://ao.com/athome/will-taylor-of-bright-bazaar

Go green while cleaning. It’s often hard to remember the environment while on a de-cluttering spree, yet incorporating a few green practices into your daily routines can do wonders in terms of environmental responsibility. Go over the way you manage your household waste and strive to reduce your garbage output; use eco-friendly products to keep your home smelling fresh and clean; and check for water leaks around the house such as dripping faucets, showerheads, sprinklers, and other fixtures. If everyone does their part to conserve water on a daily basis, we can help stretch our resources and save millions of gallons of pure water that are now wasted.

Brighten up your rental with spring-themed décor. You can start by applying a fresh coat of paint, as long as your lease agreement allows you to make such improvements. Always check with your landlord first. As for making the place your own, there are plenty of creative redecorating options that will not disrupt your pocket’s karma. If you want to keep it simple and practical, paint walls white and use color accents to invigorate the space. Photo frames are an inexpensive way to enhance the decor of any room, as well as fresh flowers and houseplants, throw pillows, rugs, window treatments or art pieces.

Shield against mishaps. Spring is also a great time to go over your home protection plan and review insurance policies. If you haven’t gotten renters’ insurance just yet, you need to re-organize your priorities and start shopping around for a good deal. Know that your landlord’s policy only covers the property itself, the building and the common areas, leaving your personal belongings in peril should disaster strike. I for one wouldn’t want to know my brand new Mac at risk should a thief drop by; nor my Trek mountain bike for that matter. For about 43cents/day, renters insurance can help you protect your possessions, including clothes, TV, computer, furniture, and jewelry, in case of fire, windstorm, lightning, theft, vandalism and other misfortunes. For more information and benefits of getting renters insurance, click here.