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How To Protect Your Valuables When Moving

How To Protect Your Valuables When Moving

Transferring places of residence can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. It often comes with a new job, a new beginning or a better flooring plan. Yet it can become quite hectic if you’re not organized or careful enough with the details.

Young girl sitting by cardboards in new home

To make sure your things get to the new location in one piece you could resort to a few tricks. Make sure you plan everything ahead and have all the packing materials like boxes, duck tape or wrapping paper at hand when embarking on the relocation project.  Use bubble wrap to protect all your breakables or look for old magazines and newspapers to use as wrapping material.

In addition, instead of buying new cardboard boxes you could ask around your local grocery stores or neighborhood supermarkets if they have any boxes to spare. That’s a way to keep some money in your pockets and show your support to Mother Earth too. Then consider contracting a green moving company that boasts eco-friendly features. One step at a time, we can all contribute towards safeguarding our environment; even the little things count.

Timing is also essential when moving to a new place so you might want to plan it over a weekend. Besides making it more comfortable for you as you won’t feel the pressure as much, you’ll be able to get a few friends over to help you with the packing.

Another way to reduce stress and ensure a smooth relocation process would be getting renters insurance. Inevitably there are things which get broken, lost or stolen during a move so for a few bucks a month you could be saving a lot of trouble for you and your family. Generally, insurance policies cover theft, damage or other losses to personal property, but you’ll have to check with your insurance provider if they also cover loss due to poor packing or movers dropping furniture.