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Host family and friends in style this winter

Host family and friends in style this winter

Wonderful winter with its cold temperatures is the season of visits, and social gatherings that mostly take place indoors; teas and coffees, wines and dines, games and movies, there are plenty of indoor activities that we can organize at our place or be invited to participate in at our friends’ place.

And there’s an art to it.

As a houseguest, there have been plenty of instances when I needed something from my host but didn’t ask, both out of gratefulness and the desire to not be a pain. I’ve also been on the other side, and I know that a good host will make their guests happy and comfortable.

Considering that it’s the season of visiting and receiving guests, it’s good to know that there is one important thing that your visitors might not tell you: whether your home is too cool or too warm

Like the vast majority out there, you too are attempting to curb the gas bills, and that is admirable, yet think that maybe your guests are not used to wearing thermal underwear or blankets at the dinner table. Furthermore, mind the night temperature as even though your visitors might be sweating through the guest room sheets, they might not tell you.

It’s easier than you think to make your guests more comfortable:

  • Ready the bed. A bountiful assortment of linens will prepare your guest for whatever temperature he needs. Combining cotton sheets, a light coverlet, and a down duvet, will make any guest feel cozy.

  • Share the thermostat. Show your guests how to use the thermostat and give them the freedom to shift the temperature up or down a few degrees if it helps to their comfort. Of course, don’t expect them to read your mind and be forthcoming with your family’s winter style. If you prefer a thick sweater instead of extra degrees, tell you guest about it.
  • Ask. The simplest question over breakfast—Was the room warm enough last night?—is the perfect path to inset the truth from shy guests and keep you in the good host circle.

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