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Greet summer with an updated home protection plan

Greet summer with an updated home protection plan

With warm weather in full swing it’s hard not to rejoice in the beauty of nature and invite fresh air into our homes. And while resorting to natural ventilation in the warmer months is a good idea that might help us lower our carbon footprint and save some money on electricity bills, it may also give way to misfortunes if we’re not careful enough. An open window or an unlocked door is also an open invitation for sneak-in burglars who can be in and out of your apartment in minutes, robbing you of your dearest possessions.

According to Commander Harold Medina with Albuquerque Police Department’s Property & Economic Crimes Division, on any given day when the weather warms up home break-ins can increase by as much as 10 percent. “Burglars are good at the job they do,” he told the KOB Eyewitness News 4. “They really know where to look and they’ll jump into backyards just to see if there is an open window.”

We’ve collected a few tips that will help you improve security at your home and minimize the damage in case of an unfortunate event.

Home burglaries may seem random but intruders actually do their homework before breaking in. They usually eye unoccupied properties and homes that are easy to get into or offer alternative escape routes. If you live in an apartment building, pay extra caution to your fire escape window as it’s a preferred point of entry for mischievous criminals.

The first step to reduce the risk of getting burglarized is to make your rental more difficult to enter. Always lock the door behind you when you come home from work, school or shopping. And double check for open windows or doors before going to bed.

Also, you might want to consider having a bell attached to your doors so that you can hear anyone getting inside the house.

Keep expensive possessions – such as phones, jewelry or cash – away from window sills or window-adjacent furniture so they cannot be grabbed by someone reaching inside the window.

Get renters insurance to keep your assets protected. Burglars are often tempted by small and costly items such as jewelry, watches, ultrabooks or tablets, computers, smartphones, and video players. These are all things that could benefit from renters insurance, which generally covers everything from furniture to clothing, electronic equipment and other personal belongings.

The ResidentShield Renters Insurance Plan offers protection in case of a wide array of misfortunes including theft, vandalism, fire, smoke and natural calamities. Standard policies also provide liability coverage, including liability provision for dog bites and accidental injuries of guests while at your residence. Additionally, rental insurance can provide you with temporary living expenses over and above your normal living expenses if your apartment becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.