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Got pets? Get renters insurance

Got pets? Get renters insurance

Got pets? Get renters insurance

You thought you got off easy by locating an apartment community that doesn’t require renters insurance. Truth is, you’re better off with it than without it, especially if you own a pet.

When you’re looking down into the beautiful hazel eyes of your pit bull puppy Mischief, I hope you realize that little fuzz ball is an accident waiting to happen. Be prepared. I say that with the most compassion possible since I, too, am a pet owner.

Dog and woman playing on a sofa

Pets are unpredictable. That’s what makes them dangerous. It isn’t that Mischief has cruel intentions or that he is plotting something horrendous as you sleep. The little bugger is likely to cause trouble just being there.

Case in point: lots of pets love to cuddle. They enjoy hanging around the human types and being in on the action. Welcome problems. Obnoxious eight year old steps on teenage Mischief’s tale the dog bites back instinctively—possible lawsuit. Your cat, who aims to sneak a morsel of fish from the kitchen, slithers past your aunt’s legs causing her to fall and dislocate her hip—pending medical bills. Even the sweetest animals can cause problems for you and your guests.

Renters insurance is a stellar idea because it covers your guests’ medical bills when they are injured on your property. Everything from getting whacked in the head with a birdcage to slipping on a chew toy can be covered without much ado.

Your insurance also covers injuries inflicted by pets such as severe cat scratches, dog bites, maybe even being partially ingested by a boa constrictor… the insurance pays for itself in that case. I mean, who is going to argue?

Last but not least, in tight rental markets, having renters insurance may give you an advantage over other applicants with pets that aren’t insured. You and your pet are seen as less of a liability to the landlord and therefore you’re much more appealing tenants.

Do the research. Most insurance policies can cover you, your pet, and your property for around a dollar a day. It’s a wise investment with looking into.