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Eco-friendly pet solutions for your place

Eco-friendly pet solutions for your place

As an environmentally conscious individual you do all you can to reduce your carbon footprint: you installed energy saving light bulbs in your apartment, you’ve installed switch extension cords to get rid of pesky vampire charges and have switched to biodegradable cleaning products. But there’s one area you might have overlooked: your pet. Yes, even Fido can have a carbon foot (or is it paw?) print, which adds to yours. Here are six tips to help you and your pet live a greener lifestyle:

  • Buy in pet food in bulk to cut down on packaging. Go the extra mile and choose brands that use sustainably sourced, recycled and biodegradable packaging. If possible, listen to the ASPCA’s advice, and buy plant-based kitty litter, like wood shavings or wheat.
  • Choose toys made from natural materials or at least recycled plastics. This way you protect your furry friend from harmful chemicals and avoid increasing demand for virgin plastics. Locally or regionally manufactured items also use less fuel and support the local economy,
  • If you’re even in the least bit crafty, consider making pet toys yourself. Cut up old t-shirts and braid them for a homemade rag toy for Roscoe. Turn your lightly worn feather earrings into a stylish new toy for Captain Meowington.
  • You can also make clothes for your pets without being a master seamstress or a crochet guru. A doggie vest can be made by cutting a sleeve from an old sweater and slicing two armholes at the right height.
  • You can turn a thrifted drawer, half of an old suitcase or an old TV cabinet into a pet bed, by stuffing it with some revamped old pillows. Another great way too literally green your pet’s house is to install a green roof. A few centimeters of soil on the roof and some moss is the easiest option, but you can get creative with some succulents, or go all out and plant some lovely flowers atop. Just make sure beforehand that the plants aren’t harmful to pets.

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  • Take care of your pets’ smelly messes with reusable cloths. If this proves too much of a challenge, go for biodegradable bags or reuse plastic bags that find their way into your home when grocery shopping. Also, don’t forget to use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners in the wake of pet accidents. You can find most of these in your apartment – vinegar, for example, is an excellent solution against bad smells. You can even make your own natural flea repellant at home, with just half a cup of chopped rosemary boiled in four cups of water. After it cooled, strain it and spritz some from a spray bottle to keep your fluffy friends itch-free without worrying about harsh chemicals.

To enjoy all moments care-free with your now eco-friendly pets, consider getting Pet Damage Coverage , which offers you $500 in liability coverage in the event of pet damage to the apartment.