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Easy safety tips for electronics

Easy safety tips for electronics

It’s hard to live without electronics. Enjoy them in safety with these simple tips.

Electronic fires and other dangers can cause serious damage to your rental. In many cases, these accidents are preventable with the knowledge and application of a few safety tips.


Appropriate Outlets– All outlets must be properly grounded, accompanied by the correct power ratings. You can often check outlet safety during your property inspection. For added safety, use a surge protector with multiple outlets (sometimes called a sister plug or power strip). These units protect your electronics while providing you with multiple outlets for your computer, printer, speakers, and other devices.

Never overload your power strip. For example, it is not safe to have multiple extension cords—which host multiple devices—connected to a single power strip. Stick to a one-to-one outlet to device ratio for optimal safety.

Common Sense Water Safety– Do not operate electronics while you are wet (such as reaching out of the bathtub or pool to adjust the volume on the radio). Though it’s tempting, avoid drinking beverages while operating your laptop and other electronic devices. Aside from ruining the device, you could also risk electrocution and fire.

Breathing Room– Provide electronics with ample air circulation. Do not place electronics against window curtains or block them into an entertainment system or storage unit without proper ventilation.

Common Sense Repair Safety– Aside from changing a light bulb, leave electrical work to the professionals. If you are experiencing frequent power outages, the sporadic dimming of lights in your rental and other problems contact your landlord or leasing agent with your concerns. He or she should contact the appropriate professional to fix the problem.

Cord Care– Discard and replace damaged cords immediate. Electrical tape is not a reliable solution for damaged cords. Do not run damaged cords under carpets or tuck them into the opening along the baseboards.