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Decorating a new home? Add renter’s insurance to your shopping cart

Decorating a new home? Add renter’s insurance to your shopping cart

As you decide to move on to a new chapter of your life, there are some things that might not seem as exciting as the others. Besides the fun, new friends and refreshing ambiance that comes with a new home, there are a few practical details that should be taken care of. With a little care and proper preparation, not only will you turn the whole process into a pleasant experience but you will also have a nice place to call home.

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First of all, go over the apartment community’s policies and make sure you understand the house rules. There might be some restrictions as to noise, smoking or pets which you need to be fully aware of before moving in.

Before bringing in all your stuff, consider giving the place a thorough check up. Look for any preexisting damage like signs of mold, a broken shower head, or a leaky faucet, take note and let your landlord know about it. And if you want to do things right all the way, take some time to wipe up the space. Leave no stone unturned as it’s going to be much harder to get to some areas after you install your gadgets and furnishings.

Then, double check appointments with all utilities that are set to show up at your new digs and make sure they have your contact info right.

Hopefully you’ve color labeled all your boxes (same color stickers marking boxes that go in the same room) and you know exactly what goes where. Even if you didn’t, the important thing is not to panic. There will be a huge amount of work until you set everything in order but if you have a plan and a friend to back you up, you can do it effortlessly. See it as an opportunity to hang out with your buddies, having fun while also getting things done.

Don’t rush into acquiring a lot of home accessories. As you settle in, you might discover other things which you will need to make the place more comfortable and you don’t want to burden your quarters with clutter right from the start. If you’re renting a furnished unit, better start with a few essentials only, like tableware, cutlery and cooking utensils, microwave, coffee maker, cleaning products, a TV, computer or tablet, and a bedside lamp. You’ll have plenty of time to decorate later on.

Many apartment communities require tenants to have a minimum amount of renter’s insurance before they can move in. If it’s not required, rental insurance is still an option you should consider as it’s relatively inexpensive, depending on how much the personal property is worth, and can save you a lot of headaches. Renter’s insurance from ResidentShield would help protect your belongings in the event of fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, water damage and more. Keep in mind that some natural disasters, like flooding or earthquakes, for example, may require a separate policy.