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Create a Healthier Home For You and Your Guests

Create a Healthier Home For You and Your Guests

Resident Shield promotes healthy living for renters throughout the US. In most cases, this entails security features, safety measures, and insurance coverage when you need it most. Other details for your home can also encourage healthy living for residents and guests.

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Take a look at a few simple suggestions that can make your rental and healthier environment.

Screen in your patio or balcony. Patio screens are generally appreciated because they keep pesky bugs away, letting you enjoy your outdoor space without the pricks and scars and bug bits. Screened-in balconies also have the added bonus of prevent falls for children and pets. For extra protection, consider screening materials that permit plenty of light to enter yet block dangerous UVA/UVB rays.

Low VOC paints provide equal color and fewer toxins. Indoor air quality is often overlooked by renters who aim to create a safe home but it’s vitally important. Improve the air quality in your home by painting walls, furniture, and accessories with low VOC paints. VOCs are Volatile organic compounds that emitted hazardous gases into the air; the fewer found in your paints the better! They have been cited to cause respiratory problems, developmental issues in fetuses and small children, and other serious side effects.

Air filters provide an invisible clean. It is also beneficial to invest in an air filter, which can remove toxins and allergens from the air. It is important, though, to do a bit of research to ensure that the model that you’re interested in does not emit ozone, which can exacerbate symptoms in allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Consider indoor sunblock. If your rental boasts large bay windows or other glass features that are not protected by blinds or curtains, consider adding a transparent and colorless protective film to the glass that will block the sun’s harmful rays while letting your enjoy plenty of natural light.

Staying safe and cool. Energy efficient fans are excellent alternatives to central cooling system in a home, burning through less energy with fewer emissions. For optimal safety, use bladeless fans or fans with grating that is small enough to block children’s fingers and hands.

Composting has multifaceted benefits. Composting is an excellent way to minimize the use of your garbage disposal and disposal-related injuries. It also reduces the amount of trash (and therefore trash bags) filling the landfills. Composting provides fertile soil for indoor and outdoor gardens, which in turn can equip you with organic, healthy produce for your family.