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Are home security systems worth the cost?

Are home security systems worth the cost?

Overall, the quality of protection is determined by the price that you’re willing to pay. There are, however, a few exceptions to the rule.

Many renters often wonder what is the best way to protect their property from theft and damages. Having renters insurance helps in times of emergencies but it may also be a good idea to take preventative measures, such as installing a home security system.

There are security systems on the market that are worth every penny. These systems provide video and audio surveillance, automatic communication with public safety offices, and motion sensors. There are systems that equip residents with personalized passcodes to keep track of who enters the home and when. Some services include smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, frozen pipe or leak notifications, and home automation packages that let you monitor energy usage and every aspect of your home’s activity.

Many of the aforementioned services do not come with standard packages. They are added at a price. The most basic security packages include motion detectors and alarms that sound when doors or windows are opened. Truth be told, those features will not protect you from an armed robber or give you the tools needed to catch a thief after the fact. That doesn’t mean that standard services are useless.

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The most basic home security services do have their advantages. According to a Rutgers University study, neighborhoods with multiple home security systems are less prone to crime. Security systems do seem dissuade criminals.

Before settling on a particular security package, it is best to request an on-site assessment of your home with a security professional. If the person represents a security company, he or she will likely recommend the most advanced package for your home’s needs; this is a good starting point. If the cost of the package is within your budget, run with it. If not, you can begin customizing your package by eliminating the services that you’re less likely to need.