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5 tips to safeguard your space

5 tips to safeguard your space

5 tips to safeguard your space

Heading out of town this holiday season? With an uptick in burglaries around the holidays, thhome burglary 2ese tips can help safeguard your space:

  1. Lock up before you leave

Almost 30 percent of residential burglary cases involved an unlocked window or door. Before you leave, make sure to close and lock doors and windows. Safeguarding entrance points make it difficult for potential thieves.

  1. Don’t let your mail or packages pile up

Piled up mail and packages are a telltale sign no one is home. Ask a neighbor or hire someone to collect your mail and packages daily. Have a collection area inside your home that can’t be seen from external windows. Consider putting a hold on newspaper delivery while you’re away.

  1. Breakdown gift packaging

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Empty electronic boxes and gift wrapping can be a red flag for a would-be thief. Break down large boxes and place gift wrapping in black trash bags to keep your holiday gifts safe. Consider holding larger trash items in your garage until the next garbage collection date.

  1. Timing and visibility

Opposed to popular opinion, the majority of burglaries occur in the early morning or afternoon. During the daytime, many people are at work or school and there’s less likelihood of a burglar being seen. Homes with groomed lawns provide fewer places for burglars to hide. Keep shrubs and trees cut back and your entry points visible from the street.

  1. Ask a neighbor

Consider asking someone to look after your home, including getting your mail, packages and newspapers.

  1. Be smart on social media

The majority of break-ins are committed by people who live near you. Think twice before checking in at the airport or broadcasting your vacation plans on social media. Revisit your social networking privacy settings and use caution when identifying your home address, city and phone number in your profile. Unintentionally revealing too much online can put you at increased risk to be a victim of burglary.