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3 Renters, 3 Reasons for Renters Insurance

3 Renters, 3 Reasons for Renters Insurance

Learn three great reasons to invest in renters insurance from renters just like you!

With all of the hiccups that life may throw your way, a safety net definitely comes in handy. Renters insurance provides a safety net for tenants. Meet three renters whose insurance policies came to the rescue when they needed it most.

Property Replacement

“After my family vacation, I returned to my apartment to find a funky smell. It was humid, too. Since it was late at night and I was tired, I said I would figure it out in the morning so I went to sleep. I woke up to mold! While I was away, water started coming in around the bay windows and this patchy black mold grew on the wall and carpet. My couch had also been damaged by the water and was discolored. The landlord repaired the window and replaced the carpet but he said I was on my own about the couch. Thankfully I had renters insurance. It didn’t take long before I was able to replace the damaged couch without paying a dime.” –Shannon E., 27

Robbery Recuperation

“Maybe I’m too generous or naïve but these three really cool people I met at ComiCon showed up in Atlanta with nothing but costumes and a dream. They figured they could get a hotel when they got here but everything was sold out, of course. So I told them they could crash at my place. Yeah, I know that’s dangerous but Con attendees are kindred spirits or whatever so I thought it would be fine. They came. They slept. They left…and I guess they came and left again with more than they started off with. I think they scouted out my place and came back later. They didn’t steal anything normal like jewelry or cash, which I could’ve forgiven, but they took my freaking custom Playstation 3 controller. It’s gold, pink, bedazzled and amazing.

I filed a claim and the insurance company gave me the money to replace it. It made it even easier that I was able to print a copy of the e-receipt from the creator. That helped them confirm its worth. I got another controller that shines just as much as the old one.” –Renee C., 25

Vandalism Repair

“A few years ago, I rented a place with a couple of college friends. One of them started some trouble. I don’t know what about. Some guys came by one night and completely trashed our deck, which is where we hung out the most, and busted out some of the basement windows. They turned the water hose on and fed it through a window. I think someone urinated in the room, too. The guy who owned the house had a renters insurance policy that we were in on; we all paid four months out of the year. That ended up covering the cost of repairing and repainting the deck, and fixing the soaked room. The guy whose room got drenched had some furniture replaced. While the repairs were going on in the basement, he was put up in a hotel which was nicer than his basement room, anyway, so that worked out well.” –Manuel A., 33

Want your own happily ever after? Getting the right coverage is essential to making sure that life’s unpleasant surprises don’t set you back. Use the contents calculator to determine how much coverage is right for you, then get a free quote online.